Description and Terms

International Jewellery School Voucher is an electronic document which states the acquisition of the funds and grants the Holder a right to use the funds for full or partial payment for services or products purchased on the Company’s official websites: https://jewelleryschool.com/, https://jewelleryair.com/

International Jewellery School Voucher is a registered document which can not be transferred to third parties unless otherwise agreed by the Parties. Voucher does not grant the Holder a right for full or partial reimbursement of the amount specified in the Voucher.

International Jewellery School Voucher is issued for the amount paid by the Customer for a certain service which price was specified on the Company's official website at the moment of purchase. Voucher amount equals to the amount transferred to account at the moment of payment for the service and additionally includes:

- EUR 50.00 (fifty).

Voucher Holder is entitled to:

 - Additional funds in the amount of no more than EUR 50.00 (fifty) for full or partial payments for products

- Additional funds in the amount of no more than EUR 50.00 (fifty) for partial payment for services (educational courses and events)

- Additional funds in the amount of no more than EUR 50.00 (fifty) for partial or full payment for hotel services (accommodation) Booking payment is agreed by the Parties separately. Booking payment is made if the evidence is presented, and funds transfer is conducted by the Contractor directly to the hotel based on presented evidence and invoice.

- Price freezing for the purchased course Voucher Holder can use the Voucher granted to pay for the course initially purchased and for which the Voucher was issued. Regardless of the time the Voucher is redeemed, the price of the purchased course shall be maintained for the Voucher Holder, and shall not be changed to a lesser or a bigger amount.

 If the available Voucher amount is not enough to pay the total cost of the product or service, outstanding amount can be paid by other means, for example, by credit/debit card, cash or bank transfer.

If the available Voucher amount exceeds the total cost of the product or service, it can be used for future purchases given that the Voucher is still valid.

International Jewellery School Voucher:

Can be used within 24 months from the date of issue.

Is registered and can not be transferred to third parties.

Is not exchangeable for the equivalent amount in cash, in full or in part.

Is not valid as a self-standing document.

Interest is not accrued on the amount of the Voucher.

Voucher is not a security.

The Customer shall not claim to alter contract terms or reject the Voucher from the moment it is issued.

After the Voucher is expired, it can not be returned or exchanged, and the services shall be considered provided.

If the course specified in the Voucher is excluded from the program, the Contractor can offer an equivalent course, the price of which shall equal to the price at the moment of sale.

Voucher is issued in written form in duplicate and is signed by both Parties. The soft copy of the Voucher and the exchange in the form of the scanned document shall have legal force.

The Voucher is only valid if all mandatory details are specified: Voucher Holder full name, residence address, passport details and date of birth, Contractor details — legal name, address, bank details, subject of the Voucher — course name, description, actual amount transferred to Contractor’s account for the said course, Voucher date of issue and validity period, service provision location, date of Voucher signing, signatures of the Parties.

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