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MicroPave. Basic stone setting course

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This professional 5-day stone setting course is designed for biginers and experienced specialists.

This is an intensive basic 5-day course, aimed to learn several types and techniques of setting stones in MicroPave. Training is conducted with professional tools for goldsmiths.

Course objectives:

  • Correct setup of a workbench
  • Principles of work with microscope, correct setup of microscope
  • Correct setting of the pneumatic GRS system
  • Methods of making special tools (beading tools, drills, pushers, holders)
  • Tool sharpening and special methods of sharpening gravers
  • Surface preparation for stone setting
  • Theoretical and practical training on stone fitting and seat place preparation
  • MicroPave setting in different shapes: regular and fantasy forms
  • Stone setting with bright cut
  • The Cutting of the lateral sides in "fishtail" technique