Bright Cut Engraving of the watch movement bridges

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  • Professional 5-day deep relief engraving course.


    Movement preparation: 

    • Workholding of movement parts (bridges) with ThermoLoc.
    • Drawing a sketch on a paper. Movement parts engraving overview.
    • Drawing main lines on bridges.

    Tool preparation:

    • Tool sharpening.
    • Special graver sharpening (left-/right-sided).
    • Sharpening special graver for edge cutting.
    • Setting up the equipment. 


    • Cutting edges. Polishing screws.
    • Engraving edges and main lines.
    • Bright cut engraving on composition elements:
    • Engraving deep wide bright cuts with one tool.
    • Using left- and right-sided gravers.
    • Background removal.

    Final stage:

    • Removing parts from ThermoLoc.
    • Washing.
    • Installing bridges on a plate.
    • Further recommendations on treatment and assembling. 


    “Preparatory Course for Work with Pneumatic Engraving System” or “Metal Engraving. Basic knowledge and engraving of fonts.”


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