Preparatory Course for Work with GRS Pneumatic Engraving systems

49 115 Р
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Course description: This course is aimed to learn basic skills of work with a pneumatic engraving system and also an intensive training for hands' setup

Course objectives:

  • Correct setup of workbench
  • Principles of work with microscope, correct setup of microscope
  • Pneumatic GRS system – basic principles of work with engraving system
  • Tool sharpening with bench sharpening system PowerHone
  • Classification of gravers, sharpening of various kinds of gravers
  • Proper use of workholding fixtures and devices
  • Artwork layout and design principles
  • Surface preparation for engraving or stone setting
  • Special set of exercises for hands' setup
  • Line cutting techniques
  • Engraving of borders, ornament lines, spirals, elements of scrolls
  • Elements of floral ornament



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