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Metal engraving: Basic skills and the engraving of fonts

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Intensive 7-day course on the basics of engraving, with a detailed study of the principles of engraving of fonts

Requirements: for beginners and experienced masters

Course objectives:

  • Correct setup of a workbench
  • Pneumatic GRS system – basic principles of work with engraving system
  • Operation of common classroom tools
  • Tool sharpening with bench sharpening system PowerHone
  • Sharpening of the gravers 75; 90; 120 gr.; Flat; Ball
  • Surface preparation for engraving
  • Design transfer techniques
  • Line cutting techniques
  • Proper use of workholding fixtures and devices
  • The principles of the work with the gravers 75,90,120, Flat, Ball – line cutting (wide, narrow, short, long), dashed, broken, wavy, expanding, circular
  • Line cutting techniques
  • Decoration of borders
  • Elements of floral ornament
  • Types of plane engraving of floral ornaments
  • The principles ornament design
  • Background removal in plane engraving
  • Effective use of ultra rotary handpiece
  • Basics methods and techniques of metal decoration
  • Capital font (English Classic)
  • Bright cut engraving of letters. Calligraphy. Work with 120` and flat gravers.
  • Other techniques for engraving letters and few fonts
  • Principles of combining letters into monogram
  • Block and script letter engraving
  • Techniques of engraving small (1-0.7 mm) letters and fonts.