Customized Training for Special Clients


What does the State Hermitage Museum, Gokhran, an individual goldsmith and large-scale jewellery producer have in common?

We have learned the answer in our school. Quality, competence, and being in the latest technology trends are important to everyone: this is what everyone finds here in International Jewellery School. 

Here we create customized courses tailored to the needs of the company, for it's specific types of jewelry, techniques and production technologies. 

It allows companies to save time on training of new employees and rapidly increase qualification of operating staff. 

This is the way we have been working with the State Hermitage Museum for over 5 years. 

The employees of the Precious Metals Restoration Laboratory improve their skills within the walls of our school. This year we are happy to provide our long-term partner an opportunity to train its employees for a whole year free of charge.

If your company is also interested in this type of partnership, please contact us and we will develop a training program for your employees, work out a project for equipping your facilities, and we will always be in touch for help and maintenance.

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